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2014-09-22 17:22:05 by EDNB

Well the day is almost here. 7 days until I ship off to basic training and I want to leave something special for you guys who've followed me. What I mean by that is that anyone of you can give me an idea or melody to a song you'd like me to write! If you happen to comment an idea on this, please don't be afraid to give me wacky ideas of  melodies or beats. Even if I didn't get as much fans as I wanted to, I would like to thank everyone who has followed and gotten some kind of joy listening to my music :3


Many thanks <3



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2014-09-22 18:30:53



2014-09-22 20:38:58

You've given enough by deciding to serve your country! If you really want to, though, I wouldn't mind hearing some accordion shredding. ^^